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Alright then, how many of us are still lazy on this Monday morning? Well if you are or even if you claim you are not, lets check out some games that will test your reflexes.

1. Temple Run

Temple Run is all about jumping, sliding and avoiding obstacles. The scenario is that you have stolen a cursed idol form an old, primitive temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the evil demon monkeys nipping at your heels. The catch is that the run is not simple.

The game will test your reflexes with broken pathway, trees in middle, flames and other things that might drop you dead. You can jump and slide to avoid the obstacles, but you need to be quick for that. While you run you have to collect coins on your way to buy power ups and unlock new characters. So install the game today to text your reflexes and see how far you can run.

Running Fred

Running Fred is to all about running but the game play is not repetitive, unlike the previous game Temple Run. The concept of the game is also more or less similar. You need to jump and turn to avoid obstacles. The obstacles are very random and can come down from anywhere.

The game supports multiple game modes— Adventure, Challenge and Endless Survival packed with tons of special skills and perks. Here too you will have to collect coins to unlock special characters, power-ups and skills. Please note that the game has lots of blood and violence and this I would not recommend it for kids.


In NinJump also you need to run but this time you are not running ahead, instead you are running on a building while climbing it. The goal of the game is to reach as high as possible but that’s not easy as it sounds. You need to jump between two buildings by tapping your screen and avoid obstacles while you climb.

You will need to collect elements while you climb and when you collect three elements of the same time you will turn into a superhero for a small time frame that will pass through all the obstacles on the way.

Final Words

My personal favorite is Temple Run and its great if you are getting bored. Hope you try out these games whenever you get bored. Also add your favorites to the list through your comments. And keep an eye out for your boss too!


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